We have the most profitable

conditions for buying an apartment

Conditions of purchase

We offer to our clients the most favourable conditions of buying apartments and non-residential real estate directly from the developer:

  • there is own loyalty system for for each project, through which every client can find the most acceptable conditions for himself
  • it's possible to make the initial contribution (1st payment) from 20% from the cost of any apartment
  • we're always ready to meet potential clients halfway, therefore, an individual payment schedule can be created for each client personally
  • you can always get a legal advice from our lawyer at the main office of the company

Procedure of buying apartments is quite simply and it can be summed up in few steps:

  • 1
    If you need to choose an apartment, please call our sales department and your manager will help you to make the right choice. Moreover, you can reserve an apartment for a 5 days for free.
  • 2
    When you defined with a choice, appoint a meeting with your manager at the head office of the company for signing the contract. If you are married , your wife/husband also have to be present with a passport, identification code and a marriage certificate.
  • 3
    It is necessary to make 1st payment into 5 banking days since the signing of the deal. Also, there's an option for those who don't have the full amount to pay. In this case, you can sign an advance agreement and book a selected property for 1-2 months for a nominal amount. Further it will be counted to you in the value of this property.